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  • 88 Keys Digital Electric Piano Keyboard 14 Sounds USB Bench Headphones Set White

88 Keys Digital Electric Piano Keyboard 14 Sounds USB Bench Headphones Set White

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Classic Cantabile DP-50 WM Electric Piano, white matt, set with bench, headphones 88 weighted keys with hammer and touch response, max. 32-note polyphony 14 Voices, 13 Effects, Layer-, Split-, and Twin-Piano Functions, Local MIDI Recording function, USB audio/MIDI interface and 2 headphone jacks, metronome, 3 pedals, speakers Dimensions (H x W x D) Piano: about 85 cm x 137 cm x 44 cm, Piano Weight: about 51 kg (incl. Packaging), Color: white matt incl. power supply, piano bench and headphones Free shipping Customers who have bought this product from us Great quality great delivery very pleased b***1Thank you so much, it's beautiful and my daughter loves it.. w***4Was contacted about delivery and it arrived as planned, stunning love this piano t***2 Description

Easy to set up, easy to understand and full of helpful features!

Piano beginners will benefit from all the easy-to-use features, the DP-50 from Classic Cantabile offers. More experienced musicians, who have already learned the basics and want to deepen their skills, choose this digital piano for its affordable price. The DP-50 model from Classic Cantabile is an economical option that doesn't compromise on quality - a rare gem in the current market!

Weighted Hammer Keyboard with Adjustable Dynamics The weighted keyboard of the DP-50 with a real hammer action simulates the authentic feel of an acoustic piano for the pianist. The keys are characterized by a "natural" resistance when pressed, just like a classic acoustic piano. The keys are also sensitive to dynamics.

The DP-50 as a "Twin-Piano" Another feature of the DP-50 is the ability to split the keyboard into two halves, resulting in two small independent keyboards. These two keyboards can be played sitting side-by-side, allowing music students and music teachers to play together! In addition to this function, the DP-50 offers many other features such as a metronome, headphone jacks, recording capability, layer, split, transpose and much more. The set contains an elegant piano bench and high-quality dynamic headphones. This set is pure playing joy - guaranteed!

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